A Message to our amazing customers...


The last year has been a rollercoaster. We launched a brand new Swarovski Crystal company as a pandemic swept across the globe. We had no idea how this would impact our long prepared launch, but you proved to us that Nail people don't let anything hold them down. We got to know countless amazing and talented professionals through this company. Sadly, Swarovski has made the shocking decision to no longer service the nail crystal industry. We wrestled with the idea of taking on another supplier, but ultimately decided that this was not something we wished to pursue. We wouldn't have changed a thing about starting this business, and we will always appreciate all of your support! Here's to a better, brighter 2021, and don't be strangers!

With Love, Hannah Snyder and the CBH Team


Who We Are


CBH Crystals is inspired by the one and only Hannah Snyder, or @clawsbyhannah as you may know her on social media. From as early as she can remember, Hannah has been immersed in the cosmetology world, being the daughter of a salon owner of more than twenty years. It was working at this salon, that Hannah discovered her true passion for nails, making women feel beautiful one set of claws at a time.

What We Do


CBH Crystals is a full service online crystal market, built specifically to meet the needs of nail techs, one and all. We source and distribute only the finest genuine Swarovski Crystals, manufactured in Austria. We select, package, and distribute Swarovski Crystals in a way that makes choosing and purchasing crystals easy. At CBH Crystals, we pride ourselves in having flexible quantity orders, a dazzling variety, and second to none customer service. It is our belief, that the only people who can truly appreciate nail techs, are nail people themselves. 


Why We Do It


We do it all for you! Our passion is to highlight the work of nail artists, and help each individual to grow in the profession. We aim to educate on the different types and varieties of crystals, making it easy to understand which will best suit your clients’ needs.

Why Crystals?


Hannah was doing her regular salon order of crystals one day, and painfully sifted through pages and pages of crystals online, trying to make sense of all of the sizes and varieties. Not only was it difficult to find the crystals she was looking for, but she was forced to buy odd quantities, and they came in very inconvenient packaging. Not only that, but most of the crystal sites she used were very generic, not catering to the nail industry. She wanted an easy, personal experience that took the stress out of the process. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find that company, so she decided to build it! Hannah knows that there are countless others like her, that love to add the sparkle of Swarovski to their clients’ nails. There is no need to look any further, because CBH Crystals is ready to make your experience crystal clear.